Athletes looking for better pain relief

Opioid addiction is something that many athletes struggle with both on and off the field.  Looking for a healthier alternative to highly-addictive opioids, retired NFL quarterback Jason (Jake) Plummer found CBD.  Plummer believes that if marijuana or CBD had been offered when he actively playing, it might have extended his career.

Though the NFL has banned cannabis, and CBD, it isn't stopping Plummer and former NFL player Marvin Washington from leading a class-action suit against the NFL.  In their complaint, the former players charge the NFL for their lack of information regarding concussions and the long lasting effects they can have on a player long after their career has ended.  Washington was quoted as saying, “Why not give them CBD before the game, at the point of contact and especially afterwards to see if they can accelerate and get the player back on the field without sitting out for three or four weeks?” Though drug policy is the current issue, Plummer hopes the NFL will see the benefit to CBD, and give the players a safer alternative for pain management.  

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