Historic Day for Pennsylvania

On April 17th, 2016, Governor Wolf signed Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill into law.  Groups throughout the commonwealth have been preparing for an opportunity to win a permit as a grow/processor, or as a dispensary; with some even vying for both.  Today, the PA Department of Health made the applications available for prospective permit holders.  Groups may begin submitting their finalized applications beginning February 20th, and have until March 20th, which is the final cutoff date.  The state will issue 12 grower/processor permits, and 27 dispensary permits during the first round.  This limited number of permits means a very competitive situation in which those that have prepared and brought the right teams together, will ultimately get awarded permits to provide medicine to the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The team at Cannabis Design Build has the know-how and resources to turn your application into a successful permit award.  To learn more, visit us at http://www.cannabisdesignbuild.com


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