Is Pennsylvania the next hare in the race?

The state of Pennsylvania is 11 days away from releasing applications for businesses seeking a permit to grow, process, or dispense medical marijuana; and yet talks of recreational use have already begun. Lawmakers and citizens throughout the commonwealth have been carefully watching the recreational market in Colorado, monitoring both the triumphs and challenges. On Tuesday, January 3rd, the current legislative session began, one in which Representative Jordan Harris of the 186th district will be pushing for full recreational legalization. In a recent interview with the Philly Voice, Harris remarked, "Keep an eye out on the rollout of medical marijuana…How we do that, and the success of that, will either give us the momentum we need, or present the roadblocks."

The question then, with a limited number of dispensary and grower/processor permits being awarded, how quickly will we see those numbers increase, and will the current regulations become less restrictive? With a population of over 1.5 million people in just Philadelphia alone, will dispensaries and grow/processors be able to keep up with demand? We all hope for a smooth rollout, and learning from the successes and struggles experienced in other states; as well as D.C., will ensure the commonwealth achieves success from the start.